• Residential
    Securing residential homes and/or neighborhoods, apartments, etc. This provides peace of mind for residents of the area in regards to their personal physical safety as well as the safety of their homes and property. All of our officers maintain a professional and courteous demeanor.
  • Commercial
    Securing commercial properties to prevent liability issues and loss of property as well as ensuring the physical safety of staff and clients. Professional and friendly officers are ready to serve our clients.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response
    Officers are standing by to provide residential and commercial properties with rapid response to any breach of peace or other emergency.
  • Security Analysis
    Consultants are prepared to provide tactical input and safety strategies for commercial and residential properties.  A basic customized security analysis is offered to our clients at no additional cost.
  • Event
    Officers can provide events with limited liability and the safety needed while maintaining crowd control and monitoring all points of entry.  Our team members are prepared to professionally handle all engagements and can be tasked with various objectives based upon event requirements.
  • Undercover
    Utterly discreet, undetectable undercover services tailored to individual clients and their needs.
  • Bodyguard
    Physical security for groups or individuals in need of personal protection. This is a uniquely customized service to fit the needs of the client, including advanced assessment to eliminate potential safety threats.
  • Fire Watch
    Certified firefighters are prepared to monitor residential or commercial properties in the event of a fire safety system malfunction.

Shield Protection Solutions accepts accountability for our clients' peace of mind.